Sars-Cov 2 *Dry Kit*

The most common solution for enzymes and molecular reagents to perform their biological function and maintain the integrity of macromolecular structures is cold chain transportation and storage. However, the cost for cold chain transportation and storage can skyrocket when it comes to international transportation, long-term storage, or remote testing.

   Dry kit

The lyophilized SARS CoV 2 Dry Kit mixture combines highest performance with convenience of use and stability. There is no need for freezing, thawing or pipetting on ice. The highly refined lyophilization process of the reagents allows the kit just as the wet kit, providing equal performance and sensitivity, while using exactly the same protocol. 

   Dry kit 2

All reagents are included in the dried kit, eliminating the need for the preparation of a master mix. The required pipetting steps are minimized, making preparation of samples significantly faster while reducing the risk of errors or contaminations.

  Dry kit 2