With over 30 years of experience and counting, Medicon Hellas SA is recognized as a leader in supplying products for biomedical diagnostics throughout Greece. Given our close contact with partners and customers, we are able to continuously grow and adapt our product range, meeting evolving research trends and customer needs.

With this in mind, we have tailored our molecular biology portfolio of solutions in laboratory equipment and consumables that will help our customers become more efficient, fast and flexible. 


Our dedication in the field of molecular diagnostics allows our sales and technical support teams have the laboratory experience needed to provide high quality support to customers worldwide. 

1 POT Professional

1 POT Professional

The ultraportable analyzer 1 POT Professional, provides one of the fastest and user-friendly solutions for the diagnostically certified molecular detection of SARS CoV-2 infection.

This unique solution combines the sensitivity and validity of a molecular test such as Real Time PCR, but with the speed (23 ́ maximum test duration) and affordability of an antibody test kit (Rapid test) by utilizing an isothermal amplification (LAMP) detection method.

1 POT Professional is a Point of Care detection device. The system combined with the reagent kit provide a fully integrated molecular detection solution, from sampling to result. Testing does not require any additional equipment or consumables and is designed to allow molecular tests to be carried out with ease by non-specialized personnel.


The 1 POT is a truly portable analyzer, since its built-in battery can complete 8 consecutive molecular tests on a single charge. Thus, it is the ideal solution for a sensitive, fast and valid molecular test for all areas. 


General Specifications: 

1.    Wireless connection via Bluetooth with smart devices (smartphone/tablet) via an App available for iOS/Android devices.

2.    Diagnostically accredited (CE-IVD) isothermal molecular method (LAMP) designed for clinical use only.

3.    Rapid molecular analysis of two SARS CoV 2 target genes, with a reaction duration from 7' to 23'.

4.    Limit of Detection 100 viral copies / reaction.

5.    Diagnostic Result sensitivity 96.6%.

6.    App that allows the monitoring of the reaction in real time and the publication of the result to customer via e-mail. 

7.    Ability to wirelessly connect up to 9 analyzers with a smart device.

8.    Complete wireless operation with built-in 3.7V 6500mAh battery, lasting for 8 consecutive tests.

9.    Complete set of reagents & consumables kept at room temperature.




The LineGene Mini S is the latest product in the LineGene family. It is a complete upgrade from the previous generation of LineGene Mini, with 16 single-tube or 8-tube low-throughput designs, as well as new optical paths and the latest scanning modes. 4 detection channels ensure that it has the same detection capability as the desktop qPCR instrument.

Product size is small and easy to transport, suitable for scientific research, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery use.

1. Advanced scanning technology with excellent SNR
2. Cutting-edge detection technology and most stable signal
3. Automatic gain function, accurate and reliable data
4. Exquisite and compact exterior with strong and durable structure
5. Touch operation interface, easy to operate
6. Complete function configuration and stable equipment performance

F1:FAM, SYBR Green



F4:CY5, Quasar-670




The GenomEra system is a state-of-the-art automated molecular diagnosis (MDx) system for infectious diseases.

Fast, easy and cost-effective use with minimal laboratory requirements, without requiring laboratory experience from the user.

The unit consists of a built-in thermal cyclist working with a time-varying fluorometer, thus producing diagnostic data that is processed and evaluated by the built-in, specially programmed computer.

genomera 2      genomera   antidrastiria


  • High sensitivity and specificity of detection of the selected pathogen.
  • Excellent processing and analysis speed (eg 4 SARS-CoV 2 test in 50 minutes).
  • Incomparable ease of use, no staff with experience in molecular techniques needed.
  • Closed system design specialized to prevent contamination.
  • Utilizes solidified resistant reagents avoiding the need for freezing.
  • Low reagent and maintenance costs.


LineGene 9600 BIOER-Real Time PCR

The LineGene 9600 plus system is a Real Time PCR device, which utilizes specialized Peltier thermoelectric panels of advanced Ferrotec technology, advanced fiber optic detection technology, unique patented heat dissipation technology and unique detector / detector cooling as well as superior thermal uniformity and accuracy.

The analyzer has a capacity of 96 microplate type locations, with a design of 5 different wavelength detection channels, thus covering the entire fluorescence spectrum. Also, the automated heated cover lid resets the manual operation thus ensuring a stable lock for multiple sizes of plastics. The analyzer is operated via a built-in Windows-based tablet with a touch screen, thus allowing quick and easy use and familiarity with the system.

The LineGene 9600 plus can meet customer requirements in either research or clinical diagnostic use by offering:

  • Genetic target quantification,
  • Quality target detection
  • Point polymorphism analysis (SNP analysis)
  • Melting point analysis (HRM analysis)
  • Using all the functions of the software that came with the equipment.

* The channels detect the following fluorochromes

F1: FAM, SYBR Green



F4: CY5, Quasar-670

F5: CY5.5, Quasar-705



Point of Care Analyzer VERIGENE LumineX

The Luminex Verigene analyzer is a rapid pathogen detection system that incorporates all stages of a molecular process, from the isolation of genetic material, the real-time multiplex PCR reaction, and the hybridization of PCR products of target microorganisms (probes) on glass plate. The machine's automated software produces the final result in a written report, which can be printed, delivering the result in about 2 hours.


The analyzer utilizes the innovative Nanogrid® technology and offers simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens, thus allowing clinicians to decide immediately and in a timely manner for targeted treatment.

It has FDA and CE / IVD approval for detection of pathogens in blood cultures, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.

Diagnostic tests available for syndromic tests such as:

Respiratory system

Gastrointestinal system

Microorganisms for sepsis control




Automatic machine for isolation of genetic material DNA / RNA VAZYME 32 samples
The fully automatic nucleic acid isolator (DNA / RNA) VAZYME has a high yield of isolated nucleic acids (yield) and high purity from a wide variety of biological samples, such as blood, tissues, cells, body fluids, bacteria and using pre-packaged extraction reagents based on silicon-based magnetic beads.

Due to its high automation, fast and simple operation, it is widely applied in the fields of molecular diagnosis and detection of epidemic diseases in animals.

  • The high yield in quantity and purity of genetic material
  • Rapid isolation through a 12 minute protocol
  • Flexibility and comfort via touch screen
  • Simple adjustment of its functions with a very simple menu (plug and play)
  • Contamination protection based on its precise design


The Mole 32M purifier instrument is designed for automated transfer and processing of magnetic particles in microplate format. The instrument functions without any dispensing or aspiration parts or devices. Samples and reagents, including magnetic particles, are dispensed into the plates according to the corresponding instructions.

•    Smart Circular Magnetic Binding: Magnetic bead recovery rate >99.5%. Greatly reduce magnetic bead residues in the system.

•    Multi-mix mode: 3 kinds of amplitude, 5 levels of frequency adjustable dependent on sample type and extraction kit type, to improve extraction efficiency

•    Anti-contamination control: Added with 11-level HEPA filter and ultraviolet sterilization lamp to effectively precent cross-contamination.

•    Independent heating block: 8 independent deep-well heating blocks that can reduce mutual interference between reactions

•    Removable magnetic rod: Easy to maintain and replace, prolonging operational lifetime




The MOLE 96M is a compact, automated nucleic acid purification instrument that processes up to 96 samples simultaneously. Using prefilled cartridges and depending upon sample type, MOLE 96M offers consistent, reliable DNA or RNA extraction solution.

•    Less Hand-on Time: Extract high-quality nucleic acid as fast as 13 min.

•    Contamination Control: There are baffles to prevent liquid splashing, the inter-well and inter-batch contamination are strictly controlled to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the process accuracy.

•    High Compatibility: Works with multiple sample types and nucleic acid extraction reagent.

•    High Magnetic Beads Recovery Rate: The Magnetic beads recovery rate is >99.5%, improved the purity of the extracted nucleic acid.

•    Powerful Programming Functions: Flexible and efficient program edition, capable of remote editing experimental procedure.