Air Purifiers

Protect yourself and those around you with Medicon professional Air Purifiers.

With the combination of HEPA filters and UV lamps, they retain and destroy microorganisms and remove odors and exhaust gases.

With patented multi-fan technology they ensure 5 times higher efficiency than conventional air purifiers. Maximum efficiency, minimum consumption, quiet operation.

Clean from 900 to 1500 cubic meters of air/h, Mute low noise (35dB)-quite and not disturbing, ultra thin 12cm.

Touch keys, remote control and mobile app. Maximum automation with Smart Mode.


  1. PM2.5 removal rate 99.87%, Bacterial removal rate 99.66%, Formaldehyde removal rate 93.3%
  2. Available models of 900, 1100, 1300 and 1500 m3/ h.
  3. Guaranteed the lowest market price in relation to these cubic meters and to these specifications.
  4. Rapid purification of large air volume.
  5. Air inlet and outlet mode: Rear side air inlet, two side ventilation.
  6. Air purifiers that offer dehumidification at the same time, are not suitable for the pandemic duo to the dry atmosphere. In a dry environment, the droplets are suspended for hours, making bacteria and viruses more easily transmitted. In wet environments they settle faster and their transmission becomes more difficult.
  7. Ultra thin series purifier. They are the only ones that have a thickness of only 12 cm with a choice of wall mounting.

                                                                                AIR PURIFIERS PROSPECTUS