Internal Audit Directorate

Internal audit is conducted by Mr. Antonis Papantoniou, supervised by the Audit Committee.

The Internal Auditor has the following responsibilities:

  • Monitors the implementation and continuous compliance with the Internal Operating Regulations and the company's statutes, as well as the overall legislation concerning the company, particularly the legislation applicable to anonymous companies and the financial market.
  • Reports to the board of directors of the company instances of conflict of interest between the private interests of board members or company executives and the interests of the company, which are identified during the performance of their duties.
  • Provides a written update to the board of directors at least once every quarter regarding the audits conducted and attends shareholder general meetings.
  • Provides, after approval by the company's board of directors, any information requested in writing by Regulatory Authorities, cooperates with them, and facilitates their monitoring, auditing, and supervision activities.
  • Supervises transactions conducted by company personnel and associates involving company shares or affiliated companies.
  • Ensures the flow of company information.
  • Ensures the effective organization and operation of the company in accordance with the Internal Regulations, the Statutes, and management decisions.