Company Profile


Medicon Hellas, is a public company, listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, a market leader in diagnostics in Greece, offering an extensive range of instrumentation, tests and procedures to clinical and research labs and our partners abroad.

We manufacture, import and provide diagnostic and point-of-care test systems, molecular diagnostics, laboratory automation, work flow improvement and software solutions and services that meet the highest quality standards, to State and Private Hospitals and Laboratories. The company also produces and exports clinical chemistry, hematology and immunochemistry reagents to OEM partners.

Our state-of-the-art research lab is involved in cutting edge applied research for diagnostic products and procedures that enhance diagnostic efficiency, lower costs and improve quality of medically useful information to physicians for the benefit of patients and the society.

The company's facilities of 7,000 msq are located in Gerakas, Athens. All our products and services are certified to the highest international quality standards, such as ISO13485 and ISO9001. Our products comply with all current regulations established in the European Union (CE marking) and by the requirements of the U.S. F.D.A.

We have established a fully automated diagnostic laboratory, providing affordable, reliable, fast, quality medical services to our community using in-vitro diagnostic products of our own manufacture.

Our strategy is to develop competitive products via investing in R&D projects. , evidenced by a steady increase in R&D investments.

In addition to our primary business, we have established a new business segment, to deal with cosmetics and body care products. These consumer products are produced in Greece, France and Italy under strictly controlled procedures and are sold in Greece through supermarket chains, sales outlets and are available for export.