Service / Refurbishment

As economic factors and budget 12restrains or even cuts are becoming a crucial factor in modern lab management, acquiring and using refurbished or remanufactured analytical systems is at times the only choice. The trouble is how one can be sure of the quality and operational performance of such systems?

Medicon has been remanufacturing chemistry, hematology, blood gas and immunochemistry analyzers since 1987, amassing experience, tools and technology to ensure that remanufactured systems do not only look brand new, but their performance and overall quality is equal to brand new systems.


We have so far remanufactured over 500 analyzers to Original Manufacturer specifications, using original spare parts, verified Standard Operating Procedures and vigorous Quality Control to ensure a new life span and effective operation. Actual QC data printouts are shipped with every system, so that customers can make sure of the quality they receive. Our post-market surveillance data show equal or even smaller service intervention rates for these systems compared to new ones installed, a strong indication of the quality of our work. We are sure of our quality and grant a six months warranty on all systems.

We currently remanufacture:

  • Ex-Olympus chemistry analyzers – AU400, AU640, AU2700 AU-5400.
  • Siemens chemistry analyzers – ADVIA 1200, ADVIA 1800, ADVIA2400, RxL.
  • Abbott chemistry analyzers- Architect C16000, Architect C8000
  • Abbott Immunochemistry analyzers – i2000SR
  • Siemens Immunochemistry analyzers – ADVIA 2120
  • Nihon Kohden hematology analyzers – all types.
  • Nova Biomedical blood gas analyzers – all types.

We buy used systems for remanufacture and resale, but we also remanufacture on contract, whereby labs send over their used systems and we return them after processing for a predetermined remanufacturing cost.




We use a certified operating procedure, using the original manufacturer’s Service Manual as a guide.